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We don’t focus only on simplicity. We also handle all stages of growth. Once you start your success journey, you can add more resources to your current infrastructure.

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Experience cost-effective and efficient cloud infrastructure solutions with Ekire. Our cutting-edge services are designed to optimize resource utilization, ensuring you get the most out of your investment. From scalable computing power to streamlined data storage, Ekire empowers businesses to achieve peak performance while reducing operational costs. Join a community of smart businesses that trust Ekire for reliable and budget-friendly cloud solutions. Elevate your digital journey with us today!


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With active sessions tracking, brute-force preventor, login tries tracker and much more other security features, you will never worry about unauthorized access to your services.

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Get in Reasonable Price

Our servers are available to afford with all budgets

$ 4

You’ll Get

  • Intel processor
  • 1 vCPU
  • 1GB of memory
  • 30GB of NVMe storage
  • 1GBPS network uplink
  • Unmetered bandwith, free installations and much more

$ 10

You’ll Get

  • Intel processor
  • 2 vCPU
  • 4GB of memory
  • 60GB of NVMe storage
  • 1GBPS network uplink
  • Unmetered bandwith, free installations and much more

$ 30

You’ll Get

  • Intel processor
  • 4vCPU
  • 8GB of memory
  • 150GB of NVMe storage
  • 1GBPS network uplink
  • Unmetered bandwith, free installations and much more

Amazing modern dashboard

All-in-one console to control everything. Including billing, account management, servers management, backups management, and much more.


Ekire projects feature allows groups to work together collaboratively, it allows the owner of the project to add multiple servers and invite multiple users to the project. So, every member of the project can view and control each server in this project.

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We’re committed to support the community and help future builders do better. We offer free monthly recurring resources for developers, in order to give them the chance for building a better tomorrow.

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