Terms of Service

This General Terms of Service agreement (“agreement”) sets forth the terms and use of our services and all that we provide in our systems or purchase of our products and related services or services obtained through Ekire from our partners.

In this agreement, “you” refers to you as a user of our services, or any agent, employee or person authorized to act on your behalf. This agreement explains our obligations to you and your obligations to us for using our services. These obligations are in addition to any specific terms and conditions that apply to particular services. When you use our Site or your account (or allow someone else to use it) to purchase or obtain services or cancel your Services (even if we have not been notified of such authorization), you signify your acceptance of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, the following policies and applicable product agreements , which are incorporated by reference here.


You agree that Ekire may modify this page by time. With no notification.

Payments and Billing

All payments on Ekire platform are settled immediately after action. When your product expired, you have (5) days to un-suspend and renew it. In case you’ve renewed it you’ll continue using the service normally. Else, it will be permanently terminated.
In the case of billing cycle conversion, if you’re switching from hourly to monthly, you won’t get back already-settled hourly payments and your monthly subscription will start from conversion date and until 1 month from it.

Prohibited Use

You can’t use Ekire services to do following unethical actions:-
  • DDoS Attacks
  • Unauthorized Hacking
  • Any thing that could harm our infrastructure, us, our servers.
  • Hosting child porn, terrorist content.


We provide refunds IF AND ONLY IF you have a problem on your service and we can’t fix it.

Free Credits

Free credits are only provided for new customers. If you’re not eligible for credits, we have the right to suspend, terminate your services and account.